Step of using Transfer Sheet


Place a transfer foil for edge trowel tip flakes, on a baking sheet. With a transfer sheet, you can make 4 log ends. The fuchsia and orange cocoa butter motif must be on the top.


Carefully remove the 4-piece silicone tip in spikes on the transfer sheet. The chablon is adapted to the latter.


Using tempered white chocolate, start forming the outline of the log ends. This with a socket pocket cut at the end, with a tiny hole, to do a precise job.


Once the contour is completed, fill the interior so as to fill the footprint.


Lightly tap the baking sheet on the work surface and shake it from right to left, so that the chocolate is smooth and perfectly fills the impression. If the chocolate is well tempered, it will have a good fluidity and we will obtain a good result. Be careful to use chocolate couverture.


Here is the result obtained. Place the baking sheet in a cool room at 18/19 ° C, for crystallization. Do not be in a hurry, and allow time for chocolate to crystallize. Do not put the plate in the refrigerator. The crystallization will be done quickly if the chocolate is well tempered. The ideal being to make these log ends the day before, so the crystallization can be done all night.


Once the chocolate crystallizes, it loses all its brilliance, and becomes slightly satin on the surface. At this point we can proceed with demolding.


Flip the chablon on the plate. And gently remove the transfer sheet. The pvc sheet will peel off and the pattern will remain printed on the chocolate.


We get this result.


Gently peel off the log ends.


Voici nos quatre embouts de bûche démoulés.